So in a shortened down, simplified version, this is the case of Samuel Patterson;

A little under 2 years ago, Samuel, an 18 year old boy from Oakville, Virginia, broke into the Franklin residence in Spring Valley, North Oakville, in search of Michael Franklin, a 53 year old property developer. When he discovered Michael Franklin was not currently present, he locked Janet Franklin (Michael’s Wife) and Natasha Franklin (Michael’s daughter), in a utility closet, where they remained until Michael’s death.

Upon Michael’s arrival, Samuel was waiting for him, now armed with Michael’s revolver. Michael’s attempts to calm Samuel failed and he shot Michael twice in the chest – killing him almost immediately. Samuel then fled through a smashed patio door. Both Janet and Natasha heard the whole thing from the utility closet.

After police took statements and found further CCTV showing Samuel having a heated confrontation at a coffee store earlier that day, they arrested him at his apartment in East Oakville, where they also found an expensive necklace belonging to the victim’s wife Janet.

Furthermore, forensics was able to confirm that Sam’s DNA had been found on Michael’s body.

Samuel was tried for murder at a preliminary hearing 6 days later and was then sent to prison. A further trial took place 5 months later. Shockingly, for the duration of the trial, he said nothing. He gave no statements. He refused to echo or provide a new alibi. His lawyer worked the entirety of his defence without calling on the defendant once.

Some speculated that his time in prison had lead him to give up on his initial attempts to claim he was innocent. Or perhaps it was pride? Perhaps he wanted the attention, as many killers do.

Samuel Patterson was sentenced to death after only one day on trial.