Hey Ava, you know you’ve spent the past 3 months writing about a murderer in your spare time, has it actually been worth it?

So where do I stand on it? Well, to me it seems entirely possible and probable that Samuel Patterson did kill Michael Franklin. But, the questions that are raised by the inconclusive evidence lead me conflicted. We can’t put together a comprehensive timeline, we can’t place each person’s movements without them being inconsistent. Motives are skewed and assumptions are made.

So what can I say? Retrial? Release? Perhaps not. But, I can comfortably say that I don’t believe Samuel should be on death row, even if guilty of his crime, there is one too many questions for him to be considered guilty beyond reasonable doubt.

Maybe I should just join a book club?

I’m running low on aspects of this case to explore and honestly I don’t feel like I’ve come close to understanding why he was sentenced. Nor do I fully understand what happened, sure there is a narrative, but do things seem so crystal clear that Samuel should die? If only I could ask the guy directly “What the hell happened?”.