I noticed there’s a lot of hatred towards Samuel on forums, including criticism towards my own questioning of his trial. Make no mistake, the point of me being here isn’t to say he could be innocent (let’s be real here) – this isn’t an Avery situation or anything of that sort. All I want to do is understand why he was sentenced to death for his crime, in spite a flawed trial and his silence. But, it’s the nature of an investigation of this sort that we should try and understand who this person was, and in turn, why he did what he did. With that in mind, I figured we should look into who Samuel was before he was a murderer.

Samuel Patterson was a kid living in a tiny apartment in Virginia. If that sounds glamorous, it shouldn’t. This was a kitchen, living room and two bedrooms built into a single room (at least the bathroom was separate).

Samuel’s parents were high school sweethearts. His father was a quarterback and his mother was considered among the brightest students. However, when they were seventeen Samuel’s mother became pregnant. Their studies halted and their predestined futures faded away, in it’s place was the promise of a wedding after they turned eighteen and financially stable jobs to provide for baby Samuel.

But when Samuel was three his father had taken a job working with the Johnstown Company, and while driving back from a late shift died in a head on collision with a long-haul.

His death lead Samuel’s mother down a dark path; what started as a couple of pills before picking Samuel up from school, later spiralled out of control. Little is known about Samuel during this time, but I guess it only takes a little imagination to fill in the gaps. When Samuel was 7 years old, child services were not a new sight to him, yet somehow he’d never been taken away. When Samuel was 9 years old, his mother overdosed while he was in the apartment, later dying of heart failure.

Samuel was moved to North Oakville, adopted by the Patterson family. However, by the time he was in his early teens, he ran away and never returned. The Patterson’s were never able to find him.

Samuel was alone at 14, growing up in one of the poorest districts in Virginia. It doesn’t surprise me he took a turn for the worst so young. It doesn’t surprise me that escalated. It doesn’t surprise me he may have become a murderer.