Imagine for a second that cops turn up at your door and arrest you. Imagine they place you in a cell and start questioning you for murder. You tell them “I didn’t kill anyone.” They say “Prove it… Tell us where you were at the time? Tell us why you’re DNA is at the scene of the crime? Tell us why the perpetrator matches your description? Give us a reason not to arrest you for murder.”

And you say nothing.

This is the case of Samuel Alexander Patterson.

So perhaps if you’re from Virginia you’ll recognize the name? If you’re out of the loop then let me introduce you. Samuel Patterson was raised in Oakville by a foster family (the Pattersons) after his biological mother died from a drug overdose, his new home was in East Oakville’s poorest district. He had a history of being involved in petty crime, which eventually led to him serving multiple juvy sentences.

Samuel is currently Virginia’s youngest death row inmate at 20, convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death 2 years ago (at 18).

Before leaving my job and becoming a tutor (a job that grants more free time than I know what to do with), I worked in the records unit of a police department, as you can imagine I’ve read about all kinds of crime, but so rarely did I come across one with a death sentencing, and when I did I was always perplexed by the reasoning.

I’m going to have to be perfectly open for the introduction of this blog and say that I don’t believe Samuel Patterson, in spite of being found guilty of murder by a 12 person jury, should die for his crime. After all my years, I’m not even sure anyone should be. But that’s a discussion I’ll come to later.

I’m guessing that of everyone who knows about the case, there will be a clear split between those who agree with me, and those who disagree. That’s fine. To that end I hope any readers will indulge me as I use this blog to investigate this specific case, and feel open to share your personal thoughts and opinions on the case of ‘Silent Sammy’.