I briefly touched on the necklace found at Samuel’s apartment in the timeline blog. But, I realized in all my blogs breaking down the evidence I hadn’t yet talked about it properly in spite being so crucial to the conviction.

The necklace (which was worth a shit ton!), was found at the bottom of a wardrobe in Sammy’s apartment the following day from his arrest. It was found by none other than Officer Anderson. Janet Franklin had reportedly noticed the necklace was missing three weeks prior to this, meaning although it’s not possible to pinpoint exactly when Samuel acquired it, two narratives were formed in the trial on why Samuel owned the necklace;

1 – Samuel found it while searching for the gun. Janet told police (not on record) she had noticed it was missing several weeks prior, but had not properly searched for it as she assumed she had probably left it somewhere like the office. She further claimed she had a habit of doing her make-up in Michael’s office, and therefore was possible she’d left it in there. Samuel allegedly found the gun in Michael’s office, it’s not impossible that he would find the necklace there too.

2 – Samuel had broken in prior and stolen it. This was implied by the prosecution, and struck from the record shortly after. It implies that Samuel had robbed from the Franklin’s before and had taken the necklace on this occasion (someone before three weeks prior). However, this contradicted much of the prosecution’s argument; Samuel meeting Franklin at the coffee store, Samuel searching the address etc. The prosecution therefore requested to strike their line of enquiry, successfully.

I have a 3rd suggestion though. Remember when we discussed the search history? In the time Samuel was still answering questions, he disputed the search history of all things, claiming that he had searched “Spring Valley, Oakville” weeks prior to the date on his history. Maybe this was an accidental telling of the truth? What if Sam had not only searched Spring Valley, but had been there too?

Hell, Samuel had attempted to steal from people in West Oakville before, perhaps nothing had changed.