The biggest question of them all, in the case of Samuel Patterson, is a very simple one;

Where is the gun?

The bullets found in the body were .38, this matches Janet’s claim that her husband owned a Ruger LCR.38, and their testimonies both declare they recognized the gun for definite as Michael’s own. Further background checks confirm that yes, he owned the gun in the first place. So where is it? Samuel took it with him, that we know. But, it was never found. This implies that between 2:30pm and his arrest at 8pm, Samuel was able to dispose of the weapon permanently. His home was searched, the area around Michael’s house was search – I’m willing to bet most of Oakville was turned upside down. No gun.

Not that it entirely matters, but two witnesses and bullets prove there was a gun and it was Michael’s model. Janet’s description of Sam searching the house lines up with him finding it in the office desk (probably one of the first places I’d look for a gun if I’m honest).

Samuel did research local landfills, but considering half of Oakville’s trash is put in one place, good luck finding a 5 inch hunk of metal.