This will likely be the first of several posts (and one of the longest) where we can discuss individual evidence/events. For the sake of things not getting too confusing, I’ll do them in chronological order (though don’t quote me on that). To get updated on that order you can revisit one of my previous blogs in which I wrote a basic timeline of events.


Coffee Witness Statement Signed

A barista at the coffee store claims to have seen the fight between Michael and Sam, saying Sam was highly aggressive. She claims to have no clear idea of how the conflict started – but it appeared that Michael had attempted to discuss something with Sam, who claims they’d never met before hand. After the fight Michael fled and when Sam failed to catch him he shouted “I’ll fucking kill you!”. He later overheard him on the phone outside saying he’d need help to “disappear”, but retracted that later saying she “couldn’t remember clearly enough”.

Regarding the phone-call, Sam makes multiple calls this day to an encrypted number. From the testimony given by the barista, it at one point appeared as if he was asking someone to “help him disappear”.


Curiously, I’ve not been able to source the footage itself during my investigation. So the following is based on transcripts written after the trial. It is not entirely reliable.

If the CCTV transcripts convey anything, it’s that the barista’s testimony was true. The footage allegedly shows us that Sam’s temper in this moment is visibly short. He clearly initiates the conflict, pushing Michael multiple times, intimidating him. And then they shout at one another. It’s worth nothing that we really do have no way of telling what was being said (and apparently anyone who claimed they could lip-read from that footage are full of it, the quality and frame-rate are so low you could mistake it for stop motion).

So based on what we’ve heard we can now confirm (factually);

At approx 11:10 AM, Sam arrives at Oakville Coffee. Sitting at a table on far end of the store is Michael Franklin. As Sam enters, Michael climbs out of his seat and approaches Sam. It’s unclear whether they are approaching each other, or simply walking in opposite directions. However, they do in fact collide. Shortly after Sam pushes Michael with force, Sam pushes Michael again. Sam shouts at him. Michael then flees. Sam follows after him, visibly angry. Anything more or less you’ve heard about these events was based not able to be proved or was speculative.

We can’t confirm Sam saying “I’ll fucking kill you”. But, if his actions after the coffee store tell us anything… if he did say it, he probably meant it.