Long before the murder of Michael Franklin, Samuel had served time in juvie for a crime with a surprising resemblance. In 2014, Samuel was arrested for assault and attempted robbery, all of which was captured on CCTV.

Samuel Patterson (15), Max Hayman (14) and a still unidentified assailant attempted to rob Richard Slack (50), who was walking back from work in West Oakville to his home. They had seen him carry a briefcase to and from work for the past few days and decided it could have a hefty payoff, they likely also noticed the expensive watch on his wrist.

The robbery was botched, however, after he fought back. A fight ensued as Samuel and the unidentified assailant pushed, kicked and punched Richard. He tried as hard as he could to fend off the three young boys, however after a short while he was overpowered.

Richard was then stabbed in the abdomen with a pen knife. It is still unclear who stabbed him. Max fled with the other unidentified robber, leaving Samuel alone with Richard in a brief moment of hesitation, before fleeing with the others.

Richard was left writhing on the floor in pain, searching for someone to help. When the police finally arrived Richard was taken to hospital, and despite some severe injuries, survived.

Max and Samuel were both arrested, and both took a plea. Max received 6 months juvenile detention, while Sam was given 1 year. However, Sam’s detention was extended by an additional year after becoming the prime suspect of the stabbing. Neither of the boys ever identified the third robber, nor ever specified which of them had stabbed the man. Max claimed he’d never met the guy before that day, so really didn’t know. However, Sam simply would not answer, adding to his detention extension for obstruction of justice.

Sam was 17 he was released from Juvie, having served two separate sentences. At the time of his evaluation he was deemed “on a strong path of rehabilitation”, however, his repeated crimes lead to some doubt… I guess we know how that turned out. The crimes line up quite neatly don’t they; the attempted robbery of a rich, middle aged Man gone wrong. Maybe Samuel’s crimes are less about survival and stem from a place of bitterness or frustration. I’m only speculating though. The important thing is now you know this little bit of history about Sam, you can/can avoid it influencing your perspective on his eventual murder charges.