You want to know another way to make people think you’re guilty? The evening after someone you encountered prior is shot, burn the clothes you’ve been wearing all day.

At 11:17PM on the night of the murder police were forwarded a call via the fire brigade that someone had reported the smell of burning in a block not too far from Samuel’s apartment (where they’d arrested him hours before). The burning was traced to a set of private storage bellow an apartment building, inside was nothing but a pile of burnt clothes on the ground.

When they looked closer at the burned garments, it was the jacket and pants Samuel had been wearing at Oakville Coffee earlier that day. They also match the description of the black outfit the murderer was wearing at the time.

Samuel was true to character and remained silent on this.

I can’t talk from experience, but my advice to any aspiring murderers out there – burning clothes doesn’t always work… and it makes you look very guilty.