Michael Franklin was shot dead twice in the chest in 2016.

Two years ago, Michael Franklin, a 53 year old property developer, was murdered in his home in Oakville, Virginia. He had argued with 18 year old Samuel Patterson at a coffee store earlier that day, the argument got heated and Samuel was heard threatening to kill Michael.

Hours later, Samuel broke into Michael’s home in Spring Valley, Oakville, where he shot Michael twice in the chest with a gun he found in the house. Michael Franklin’s wife and daughter had been locked in a utility closet during this time. They heard the whole thing.

Immediately after his arrest, Samuel declared his innocence. However, when the trial came around, he didn’t answer a single question. It was this unsettling silence, as well as overwhelming evidence, that lead to Samuel receiving a death sentence. He is currently the youngest inmate on death row in the USA. Samuel is due for execution in 12 months (UPDATE; it was recently announced that Samuel’s execution will take place in ten days time).

This is Samuel’s story.

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