The following is based on my combined readings of documents released by Oakville PD, the prosecution and defence. As objectively as I can, I present to you a timeline of alleged events from the night of Michael Franklin’s murder.

11:11 AM – Michael is sat in Oakville Coffee, Sam arrives. They appear to collide, which prompts them to argue. The argument turns physical after Sam pushes Michael..

11:15 AM – Michael rushes away, Sam loses track of where he went, but is heard shouting “I’ll fucking kill you!” by the barista.

11:30 AM – Sam makes a phone-call while fleeing the scene. He supposedly uses the word “disappear”, however, this part of barista’s statement was deemed inadmissible (and I probably shouldn’t include it).

12:30 PM – Sam’s laptop location confirms he returned home. Here he began doing several incriminating searches including “Train, Oakville”.

13:22 PM – Sam receives a phone call from an encrypted number.

13:24 PM – Sam supposedly searches “Spring Valley, Oakville”, the road Michael lives on.

14:11 PM – Sam breaks into Michael’s home. Michael’s daughter Natasha and wife Janet are the only ones in. His behaviour described by Natasha as “angry and frustrated”. He forces them into a closet, locks the door and waits.

14:22 PM – Michael arrives at the house to find Sam, now armed with a gun, waiting for him. He tries to calm Sam.

14:24 PM – Michael is shot twice in the chest by Sam.

14:27 PM – Shortly after he shouts to Janet and Natasha in the closet “Say nothing” (though there are conflicting reports of this). He then smashes a window and flees.

14:29 PM – Janet and Natasha break out the closet, finding Michael dead on the floor.

14:56 PM – 27 minutes later the police are called.

14:59 PM – The Police arrive, begin investigation, take statements from J+N.

15:26 PM – A search of the local area begins to find the killer, footprints are found heading towards Oakland East.

19:43 PM – A review of CCTV from the Coffee Store leads Sam to be a suspect.

20:11 PM – Police arrest Sam at his flat under suspicion of murder. Police are unable to find his phone. They find a Necklace belonging to Janet Franklin.

20:59 PM – Police interview Sam at the station. Take DNA samples.

27 hours later, DNA matching Sam’s was found on Michael’s body and he was charged with the murder of Michael Franklin.

The trial that followed presented a relatively conclusive argument for Sam’s guilt. However, there were holes in the evidence that I intend to explore, as well as possible misconduct from the lead in his investigation.

The question remains for me, how conclusive do we need to be before we send someone to die? And is Sam’s crime deserving of death?